Migrating to new VPS

Hello all,
I’ve followed instructions at: Migrating to a new machine - Mastodon documentation and migrated to new VPS.
I did rsync to different user (mastodon user has login disabled) then moved to proper area and used chown -R to mastodon:mastodon

nginx -t says Syntax is OK.

All the steps for migration are successful as well.

However /var/log/nginx/error.log has all [crit] (13: permission denied) for almost all files.
For e.g. 021/10/19 23:21:44 [crit] 792#792: *39 stat() “/home/mastodon/live/public/api/v1/announcements” failed (13: Permission denied)
How do I debug / fix this?

[EDIT]: backup.dump is owned by root if that makes any difference

what are the user/group permissions (find /home/mastodon/live -type d -ls )? can you check if nginx user can read mastodon directory?

Thanks for pointing this, I looked at permissions of live multiple times and they were all good.
However /home/mastodon itself was not readable by other users.