Migrating existing local storage to S3


I have an existing instance running on Ubuntu 18.04 Server and have been looking for a guide on how to migrate from using local storage to using an S3 bucket. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



This is old, but I used this guide to migrate from local storage to Wasabi (S3 compatible).

I’m not here to sell you Wasabi, maybe the guide is working with other providers.
But regarding the warning about deceptive billing of Wasabi, I think he’s referring to the fees that are added on anything that is deleted within 90 days.
Otherwise, as long as you don’t delete anything uploaded withing 90 days and your buckets don’t exceed 1 TB, it will be $5 USD/month, no matter what the outgoing traffic is.
The real downfall in my opinion is the stability of their services.

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