Methods of moderation that don't involve banning users

What options are there if I missed any? From what I have seen so far the options I have include:

  • Having users block users who post content they don’t like
  • Moderators mark questionable posts as sensitive
  • Moderators remove posts from the main timeline
  • Hiding posts so only followers of the user can see them
  • “Limiting” the account so that only current followers see their posts
  • Set a user so all their posts are marked as sensitive

If I make a user “sensitive” is it possible to add a specific CW to all their posts?

I don’t see that option but there is a box to put in a message and I think that gets displayed for users before they’ve unblurred the attachment. Doesn’t get displayed to the sensitive user that I can see.

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If that displays a message above the user’s posts while they’re hidden then it should do the same thing. That way I can give a warning for whatever the user was marked sensitive for.