Messages not sent outside the instance


Since some weeks I had the feeling that when I posted messages on my Mastodon instance they were not seeing on other instances. Several times I replied to someone, and when I opened the direct link to the person’s message on its instance, I could not see my reply to its message. However, I have no issue to see other instance’s messages in the timeline.

In the administration panel, I see that all the Websub connections are expired. I tried to run the job rake mastodon:push:refresh (which is normally deprecated), but it had no effect on the Websub screen.

The instance is now running the latest 2.4.5 version of Mastodon with Docker, but I feel I had the issue already some weeks before when it was still running on the v2.3.3.

I don’t know why I’m getting this issue now as this instance is working since months without issues and I did no modification on it.

Do you confirm that the Websubs needs to work for the messages to be sent to other instances? Do you have an idea how to fix the Websub subscriptions? I found no documentation about Websub in Mastodon.

Thanks for your help,