Media Url show as Link

So If I toot something Like A pic or Video a while ago and if i want to use it again for a new toot so Posting that same link of that Image/video on that toot doesn’t show an image/Video but work as a link.

Hopefully Someone will fix it .

Its work on but why it didn’t work on my instance. Although m.s use External Storage and i use my vps storage.


Are you actually uploading the images when you post them or are you just pasting the link into the compose box? I’m not sure i understand what the screenshot is showing. Where is the link coming from?

No I am not uploading the image. the image is from an older toot i simply copied the link of Image/video and Paste its link in the new toot.

Copy and pasting a link won’t show up as an image, you have to actually attach the image for that to happen

Well, That is the issue i am trying to highlight here, it should treat Media link of local Server as media rather than a link.
Few of my user Use the same image again and again and they Use Older toot image Link but it doesnt show them as Pic/Video.

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