MastoPurge v1.0.0 released

Hi everybody!

Version 1.0.0 of my MastoPurge app has been released today! MastoPurge is a command line tool written in Golang, which allows you to easily mass-delete posts from your Mastodon account. You can define a maximum post age for your account. Older posts will then be removed in the next step.

Unfortunately due to API rate limits this process can take a long time for hundreds or thousands of old posts, but this is much better than manually deleting every single post from the past :wink:

I came up with this idea some time ago because I wanted to have auto-expiring posts on Mastodon, but this feature is not offered yet :-/ MastoPurge is my (temporary?) solution for everyone who wants to clean up his/her Mastodon space!

Have a look at: GitHub - ThomasLeister/mastopurge: Purges Mastodon accounts. Removes posts. Makes things clean again.
Demo screencast: MastoPurge v1.0.0 demo


Thank you for your work !

Can we use your script with several accounts as a cron taskfor exemple or the .mastopurgesettings file can record only one account ?

Currently a single .mastopurgesettings file with only one account is supported. If you want to purge multiple accounts, you can swap the file e.g. via bash script.

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There is a another thread When somebody leaves Mastodon, toots should be deleted only in special cases - we discuss there why massive deletion of toots is more harmful.

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