Mastodon-streaming fails to start

Hello i have just installed mastodon and the majority of the install went just fine was able to get past config and making admin right away, however when it came time to actually run mastodon.steaming failed to start. journal said to check the build log and here is that log

Was able to find similar issues with google but none seemed to have any solution that was relevant at least not far as i could tell.

Yeah, cws isn’t compatible with Node 15, try installing node 12 (nodejs-lts-erbium on Arch Linux) instead

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Thank you that worked, now it just seems that the arch AUR mastodon package does not use /home/mastodon/live so i have to figure out where the heck everything went. it runs but 90% of the site 404s since thats not there. i reaaaaaaally dont want to have to use ubuntu not a fan of it for several reasons so if anyone knows about the aur package and where it hid things please let me know!

You can use Mastodon from git also on other systems, it does not have to be the package coming from your system. But having startup scripts ready can be handy.

Thanks for the tip, I was able to getit running eventually!

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