's design

Here’s a thread for discussing’s design. Note that contributions here will be taken only as suggestions, and that by uploading an asset (like a graphic or color set) you give’s admins permission to use it if they choose. (This means you shouldn’t upload anything you don’t own!)

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To my mind, represents the default design of the core system. Just like the home of any other platform represents the application’s core design.

So while any other instance might customize itself, m.s is always a working representation of the application out-of-the-box.

In that respect, anything talked about for core design changes would automatically apply to m.s. and this thread would be obsolete.

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Hi everyone,

As suggested by @noelle, I move here some logo propositions originally posted on this thread :

So far, my propositions focus on the readability of the logo in small size context (social badges). I try to figure out a solution by playing with simple shapes (speech bubbles), contrast, black/white balance.

Here are my propositions with few comments:

  1. A playful black&white game that represents a speech bubble in the middle of a mastodon’s head. Maybe to complex and not enough straightforward.

  2. Using two speech bubble to represent a mastodon head.
    The shapes is not elegant (so far) but the simplicity allows it to be recognizable in small size.

  3. Keep one bubble from 2. and add two feet make it look like a little Mastodon but… it mostly looks like an alien in small size :confused:

  4. Looks a bit like a ying/yong symbol but this could be avoided by exaggerating the asymmetry of the sign. I think this one have great personality and is more unique than the others.

  5. A mix of 2. and 3., even simpler. This one works too.