Mastodon Share Button



is there something like a share button function for mastodon? I would like to implement one on my blog. For diaspora there are solutions. If you click on the diaspora share button you get transferred to this page:–+Mastodon+und+die+Hoffnung+auf+eine+Befreiung+unserer+Sozialen+Netzwerke

Is there a similar page for mastodon?

Thanks in advance!


I also have searched for it and found this.

Following to the above resources, You can implement It by just creating URL which starts with the protocol web+mastodon://.

  • share: web+mastodon://share?text= + text to share which is URL encoded
  • follow: web+mastodon://follow?uri=acct: +

<a href="web+mastodon://share?text=I'm%20sharing%20my%20text!">Share text</a>

Share text