Mastodon setup failed on CSS/JS compiling step - Solved!

I am following this documentation Installing from source - Mastodon documentation for setup new mastodon instance on new Ubuntu 18.0.4 VPS with 2 core cpu’s and 8gb of ram. Unfortunately setup is not completed with following error


it said “yarn: error: no such option: --no-progress That failed! Maybe you need swap space?” on the final CSS/JS compiling step

Problem solved, It was my bad somehow I was skipped yarn installation step and actual problem was old yarn version!

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Yes, you need more (virtual) memory. Try to add 16GB swap space more.

8gb of ram should be more then plenty. I’ve only seen errors compiling on machines with 1gb or less.

How did you find out?

I opened an issue on official github repository and one developer asked me check the yarn version :slight_smile:

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