Mastodon RPM installer

I have created a Mastodon RPM installer. The source code for my RPM project on github called
“pbase-foundation” has packages that make it easy to install Mastodon, and other application stacks. It requires a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, or CentOS 8 server.

With just a few yum install commands you can install a Mastodon instance. For example:

echo "mastodon" > /root/DEFAULT_SUB_DOMAIN.txt
echo "" > /root/DEFAULT_EMAIL_ADDRESS.txt
echo "" > /root/DEFAULT_SMTP_SERVER.txt
echo "" > /root/DEFAULT_SMTP_USERNAME.txt
echo "ureplac3-w1threalsmtp-pswrd" > /root/DEFAULT_SMTP_PASSWORD.txt

yum -y install
yum -y install activpb-preconfig-postgres-mastodon
yum -y install pbase-postgres
yum -y install activpb-mastodon
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How did you solve the problem of bundler updating dependency configuration on startup?

Hello Saper. My RPMs assume it’s doing a fresh install of the latest version. So I don’t solve the bundler updating problem, no. I tried using the built-in RHEL/CentOS Ruby version and libraries but it wouldn’t work with Mastodon. So I made one simple RPM that compiles the Ruby version needed from source. Then another simple RPM that installs the bundles. Then a final RPM that configure and launches the Mastodon instance. Here’s links to these RPM layers.
Ruby install from source RPM layer:

Bundle install RPM layer:

Mastodon config and launch RPM layer:

Thank you, I have read your specfiles and I think that bundle config deployment 'true'" solves the problem we were having:

We used to have FreeBSD port of mastodon but it was very difficult to keep it up to date and we’ve given up.

We could use system’s ruby though - but I guess this is because FreeBSD updates things faster than Redhat, but I am surprised that Application Stream in RedHat 8 is not new enough? Or was there a different problem?