Mastodon roadmap

Hey there, i asked it once on Discord but i didn’t have much feedback at the time, barely a “maybe we could use one”, so i’m going to ask again here : is there a roadmap, somewhere, of the features you plan to add ?

That could be useful to know what we will have and what we can ask for!

Thanks for all the great work o/

This not exactly what you asked for, but it comes near:


Yeah i saw that too, but it’s full of bug fixes and “minor” things. The only thing i see as a feature here is the domain block, actually.

Being an old time Tweetdeck user, what i would love to know is if we can expect things like more/custom columns, lists, multiple accounts, if that’s even being thought of, or merely a “maybe” for the future, if that’s WIP or just a big no-no for the time being.

I guess there’s a hundred features i would love to see here, and i know it won’t come just in a snap of the fingers. It would just be good to know what’s coming next :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to come up with a comprehensive roadmap for the entire project, which is why we just categorize stuff into version roadmaps. At the very least, you know what we’re working on right now. For v1.4, it’s:

  • Webpack
  • Thread muting
  • Personal domain blocks

And then a bunch of fixes. Is there some roadmap format which would serve you better?

Well, my point is not everyone is used to look at a kanban-like list, and even if i am, i totally missed the thread-muting feature. What could be good is a roadmap for users, not just for developers, a single web page telling what to expect on what version of the project ^^

There is a road map, and it’s accessible if you are on the discord. Since it is in an etherpad it is not something we share with the public.

For the next release (after we release 1.4) the roadmap (1.5) will be posted to

Currently we’re working with baby steps, since I (Project Manager) work part time, am writing their thesis, and has CFS. As we get more people involved, these things will run smoother, and better.

I did post the 1.4 features in a roadmap toot a few weeks ago, but obviously it got lost.

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Have you any idea about the due date of the very next 1.4 release?

SOON™, a release candidate will be getting tested and properly probed for bugs in the next few days.

So I assume we’ll release 1.4 sometime next week.