Mastodon recompilation on centOs7

Not sure If i’ve chosen the correct thread for this.
So I have my Mastodon Instance installed on my hosting provider, on a CentOS7 server.
Right now it’s completely empty, and I am planning on transferring my backup file from elsewhere to my hosting provider and make it running there.
As you know, after each edit and setting up from backup, adding more characters per post, changing logo & etc., I’ll be needing to Recompile it for these changes to take effect.
Not sure how my hosting provider installed it, but they must have had it recompiled after it was installed.
Unfortunately after we requested them several times, they fail to provide the detailed information on how to recompile it - instructions or which software to use.
So how do we recompile it? Any suggestions?
Is my setup any different from using Yunohost & Debian 9.x?
Long story short - I have a completely empty mastodon instance almost fully ready about editing and setting up, waiting for a Recompile, and I just need to make it work…

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I suggest reading this for migrating servers: Migrating servers - Mastodon documentation

So it does require recompilation after every edit, right?

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Mastodon client-side code (Javascript and CSS) must be recompiled after every edit. Mastodon server-side code requires the server to be restarted after every edit.

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