Mastodon on Ubuntu 18.04 not working


Ive installed Mastodon on ubuntu 18.04 exactly like in the guide provided in this link Installing from source - Mastodon documentation

Whenever i get to the last section here it says
root@Owzon_Social:~# systemctl enable mastodon-*
Failed to enable unit: Unit file mastodon-\x2a.service does not exist.

On the domain i have installed it it keeps showing the nginx welcome page, i checked nginx.config and every other file yet nothing is working, i tried other commands such as root@Owzon_Social:~# systemctl start mastodon-*


systemctl enable mastodon-web
systemctl enable mastodon-sidekiq
systemctl enable mastodon-streaming

And yet im stuck on the same welcome to nginx page.

can you please help me !

Can you tell me what the following command says:

find  /etc/systemd/system/ -name 'mastodon*'

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