Mastodon on Raspberry PI

Has anyone successfully hosted mastondon on a Raspberry PI? Only having 1gb of ram is it possible? How is the performance and security? I want to start my own instance and that’s the only thing I have.

FWIW I was hosting a personal instance on an AWS T3-Small EC2 instance. A T3-Small has roughly 2 gigs of memory. I found ffmpeg would spike and crash the instance with an out of memory error on the console at least once a week. I’ve since upgraded to a T3-Medium instance with 4 gigs of ram. So far it’s been stable. I’m sure there’s performance tuning I could have done. Throwing bigger hardware at it seemed to be the better solution.

I ran across some post suggesting a Latte Panda board for hosting Mastodon. You noted that you already have a RaPi, but it might be worth purchasing a new system or hosting for an instance.