Mastodon on http (no https)

Hi, I’m brand new to Mastodon and I’m trying to setup a server on an HTTP port (because it’s an internal server with no valid public hostname for the SSL cert, and I plan to put an SSL proxy in front of it in the future). Is there a sample nginx.conf that should let me set this up? I edited the default one and thought it should work but the web site only shows the error page. From looking through nginx debug logs, it looks like it’s connecting to Mastadon at port 3000 but that’s redirecting to https.

Any advice on how to do a non-SSL server would be welcome!

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We do not currently support running mastodon on a non-localhost non-SSL page, and due to the fact that the web restricts new features to HTTPS, some features of mastodon, like push notifications, uploading videos, and others, may not even work when served over http. You’ll need to configure your nginx front end to terminate SSL traffic, as the default nginx configuration does.


OK well thank you for the awesomely quick reply!