Mastodon For Raspberry Pi 3


I’ve been on Mastodon for some time now. I believe I am ready to move on to hosting my own instance. Here’s the caveat… It has to be on a Raspberry Pi. A 3, in particular.

I’ve been on the search, either, for a a pre-built package or a tutorial. I have found Pleroma and Mastodon on the Raspberry Pi 3 · wimvanderbauwhede/limited-systems Wiki · GitHub. However, this is all over the place in its description and where to look for other help that should be in one set of instructions.

Would anyone happen to know a reliable location to obtain a pre-built package for a Mastodon instance on a Raspberry Pi 3. Or, at least, a clear and concise tutorial?

Thank you very much.

The best tutorial for installing Mastodon is the official Installation Guide. The tutorial you linked noted that they only took one step outside outside of the installation guide related to their Raspberry Pi 3 specifically, which was increasing the swap space. All the other steps in that guide are related to more general concerns, like ensuring WAN connectivity or registering a domain name. There are no official pre-built packages for mastodon at all, unless you count Docker. Happy to answer more specific questions if you run into problems.

Thank you very much for the kind words.

I did some more looking around and reviewed he official steps and it looks like the official direction is likely the best option. It’s more of just a personal project that I hope to have my own family instance simply because it would be on the Pi. And, my family isn’t much for logging into any server I build. I just had a NextCloudPi server for over a year and it had zero use by family. With Mastodon, however, at least I’d be using it regularly.

Thank you again and I’ll keep you in mind. :smiley: