(Mastodon for iPhone) Doesn't default to DM reply on DM post + bug reporting communication issues

First off, the bug;

When i reply to a post sent to me as a DM (direct), Mastodon will reply with the default, usually this is global/unlisted/follower, which basically sends out a reply to a DM to my followers at least, this is not good behaviour for a client if i want to send off a reply to a DM.

Second off;

Where can I find the repo for mastodon iOS? the blogpost talked about it being open-source, but i havent seen anything yet. Regardless, the app should offer a portion where i can post bugs or give feedback, the “support” button on the App Store post redirects me to plain joinmastodon.org, while there is no option (in settings, which looks like the “misc” section of the app) to respond with any feedback anywhere.

Is there a dedicated bug tracker? is it the open source repo? if so, where is that repo?

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Could this be it?

Yes, thank you, I don’t understand why that didnt pop up for me the first time i tried looking for it.

Edit: DM Scope not copied when replying · Issue #232 · mastodon/mastodon-ios (github.com) is the issue i’m looking for

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