Mastodon don't pushing statuses to GNU-Social instance on same server

I’m not getting what is going on about (Mastodon instance) don’t pushing new statuses to (GNU-Social instance), both on same server.
If I publish a new status from my account, receive it just fine but it don’t received it from (running v1.5.1, non-docker).
Seems something in is not working fine. Any clue will be appreciated.

EDIT : above issue only happen to my user account spla : when publish a new status,’s spla user don’t receive it.
If any other’s user publish new status,’s spla receive it just fine.


First question first, do any users on follow Otherwise they won’t appear.

Yes, follows Even I tried to unfollow/follow again but no luck.

I have found this dead job in Sidekiq

Mastodon::UnexpectedResponseError: returned code 400 is user 1.

Nice. I’ve just created new account in and send some test toots. All of them are received just fine in So seems is not related to server’s configuration. Why’s toots can’t reach but’s ones can without issues?
Strange thing …

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