Mastodon docker cannot start since a restart some weeks ago

Since a couple weeks ago the web page gives the error page. So I tried to debug, shutting down all mastodon_X_1 docker containers and keeping up the live_X_1 containers. There seems to be a problem with localhost:3000 as mastodon_web_1 and live_web_1 both try to bind to it.

However, killing all mastodon_X_1 containers and using docker-compose up to bring the live_x_1 containers to life again and then rebooting gets everything the website online (full functionality i believe) again with mastodon_streaming_1 being unhealthy and live_streaming_1 and mastodon_web_1 not even alive.

The elasticsearch container is also always restarting due to a permission error but that exists outside of this I believe.

Do you have any changes to the standard mastodon/docker-compose.yml at master · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub

I’ve uncommented the elasticsearch portion other than that everything is the same

Could it be that you have 2 Docker installation of Mastodon running at the same time?

What does docker ps return? How have you determined that localhost:3000 is binding to multiple containers?

terminal output
I’ve linked some terminal output. The thing that’s made me curious since the beginning has been the duplicate containers, but I assumed they were necessary and I believe they are in some way. Without the mastodon_X_1 dockers the live_X_1 ones don’t seem to function. But as you can see live_streaming_1 is not alive and mastodon_web_1 is also not alive. Yet, the instance currently functions.
When I first installed all containers would be alive and everything was functional.

localhost:3000 is used by the web_1 containers and localhost:4000 is being used by streaming_1 containers. These are the only containers causing me problems besides the elastic search.

There shouldn’t be any duplicate containers.

I would comment back ElasticSearch just to be sure that nothing from there is messing things up.

So, besides ElasticSearch you should only have 5 containers:

Do you get any errors returned in the container logs?

yeah there are some errors

mastodon_streaming_1 which is marked unhealthy has an error “relation “oauth_access_token” does not exist” repeated for maybe 50 lines.

whereas live_streaming_1 which is not alive has
info Starting worker 62573
info Worker 62573 now listening on
ERR! Error: Redis connection to redis:6379 failed - connect ECONNREFUSED
info Worker 62573 exiting, bye bye
mastodon_web_1 which is not alive is also putting out a lot of errors. this one’s log is a lot of jibberish and most of it pertains to “session_activations” and ActiveRecord:StatementInvalid

the live version is putting out seemingly normal logs.

both versions of redis seem to be the same

live_db_1 puts out a lot of normal log output i believe. the mastodon_db_1 version however is talking about “session_activations”. this is the same error over and over it seems.

“ERROR: relation “session_activations” does not exist at character 566”

mastodon_sidekiq_1 has another similar error as another container
“Error connecting to Redis on redis:6379 (Errno::ECONNREFUSED)”
this prints after printing ruby files and booting and it does this repeatedly

then I commented out elasticsearch in the compose yml and rebooted. the live_es container still got booted and the instance is now down again. the live web and streaming containers are dead.

Well, it sounds like a Redis connection error.

What are the Redis settings you have on the .env.production file?


that’s all that I have for redis

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