Mastodon bots and tutorials


Hope its the right place to enquire, i’d like to learn how to write and run a mastodon bot.
Could not find a tutorial - any hints or recommendations?


Hi, I’d start here:


Thanks saper.
This is a technical documentation. Seems like directed towards programmers that can deduct from the various options how to do stuff, for example, a bot.

A less tech inclined person, like yours truly, perhaps requires specific tutorials.
…or a stupidity upgrade :wink:


its the following any better?


reppin’ my co-admin’s library, which is a wrapper around plain that provides a much better API for bot making!


There are templates for Mastodon bots on Glitch - The Friendly, Creative Community

#7 wrote Cheap Boots Toot Sweet, which is a mastodon version of the “Cheap Bots Done Quick” Twitter bot framework and a really easy way to create new bots!