Mastodon and Pixelfed - on same server?

May be this is a little off topic but I’m interested in running both, Mastodon and Pixelfed together on one server.

I didn’t find anything about this so my question to the experienced admins.

Thanks for helpful reply.

Not sure what you try to accomplish, but running a mastodon.[domainname] and a pixelfed.[domainname] on the same server should not be an issue. just make sure you have enough resources to do so. Add some description about what you want to have… but sharing something like social.[domainname]/mastodon and social.[domainname]/pixelfed need you to use rewriting and other fixes that AFAIK are not easily done as none of these webapplications provide an option to put them behind a seperator or path within a host (as this would also seem to cause issues with the actual user address: @username@pixelfed.[domainname] would be target a valid endpoint but something like @username@social.[domainname]/pixelfed does not exist.

This is one point that makes some headache:

A note about php-redis vs. predis:
Make sure you do NOT have the redis PHP extension installed/enabled! Pixelfed uses the predis library internally, so the presence of any Redis extensions can cause issues.

I have absolutely no idea how a redis server works and if any oft these changes affects Mastodon.

I know that there are different uri, directory structures and different postgres databases but what’ts about this ominous redis server?

Redis is often used as an in-memory database, but distributed among nodes, so they can share session data, etc. As said, the redis php extension might be enabled for your PHP installation, … this depends on the distribution you are going to use.

Back to my question:

Changing / disabling / uninstalling a redis PHP extension to use a predis library doesn’t take effect to a running Mastodon instance?

No, it should not. Mastodon does not use PHP at all.

Thanks. This is a precise answer.

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