Mastodon 1-click app on Cloudron

Hello Mastodon community,
Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to self-host apps. Mastodon is a popular request on our platform and also has been requested in the issue tracker (#7651) as well.

Recently, after many rounds of testing, we promoted the package to stable, so I thought I will announce it here. If you want to quickly try it out, you can test it in our demo instance [username: cloudron password: cloudron).

Some details of the package:

  • The app package is at cloudron / mastodon-app · GitLab .
  • The app is deployed to use postgres, redis
  • email is configured out of the box as well.
  • You can host a public instance (external registration) or a private instance (only users on Cloudron).
  • We have automated selenium tests which help us test each update and provide automatic updates (you will find these in the test/ subdir). Unfortunately, the tests are also cloudron dependent, so it’s hard to contribute this upstream (but it’s all MIT if you want to adapt if for your own use).

Happy to answer any questions!

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