Login error using Amaroq on iPhone

Hi people,
we have created the following instance:

We can log in on web, but when using Amaroq on iPhone we got one of the two following messages:

  1. are you blocking cookies?
  2. unknown client, no client authentication included, or unsupported authentication method

Any hints will be greatly appreciated

Hi fatima and welcome!

Have you tested your Amaroq setup with any other Mastodon instances?
This seems to be an issue with the OAuth flow but I didn’t find anything in the Amaroq github.

Perhaps server logs will show some useful details. What kind of Mastodon install is this (docker, source, ynh)?

Hey thank you
Yes, I have tested with other Mastodon instances and I can login
You are right, I will check the logs and see what I can find
Is there any specific documentation about Mastodon logs locations that you can kindly point me to?

I believe the command is journalctl -u mastodon-web to run from the computer’s shell. Knowing how it was installed may help us provide more specific advice.

Here’s a thread where that log-viewing command is used: I crashed my Mastodon Instance and is unable to recover

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Hey, thank you very much!
We used the Digital Ocean ready-to-use instance

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