Live audio/video discussion about Mastodon

Spreading the Word
Hi all, I have been doing a live weekly interactive tech discussion for over 10 years. We began talking about VoIP, but we have diversified into all things over IP. Many of our audience are interested in Mastodon. A lot of them don’t want to invest time discovering it (as I have). I believe they’d appreciate it more if we could talk about it, especially if Eugen @Gargron himself participated. I reached out both on Mastodon and Twitter, but heard nothing back. We have an empty slot on Friday August 28th, at 12 Noon EDT which is 6PM Paris/Berlin, 5PM UK.

The object is to expose Mastodon to more people. If anyone here is interested in participating in this, here are a few details:

It is broadcast from Google Hangouts to YouTube Live, and visible live around the world. It is also archived as video and audio. It is possible to participate by regular phone by calling one of the local rate dial-ins in about 40 countries. However, the core discussion will be with people on video. It usually lasts about an hour.

While the discussion isn’t expected to be technical down to the bit rotation level, developers are encouraged to pârticipate and talk about the challenges. Most important are the concepts of federation (why, who cares, how is it done) and the history and growth so far.

Please feel free to contact me or email the IP Communications & VoIP Community at which is also the SIP URI to join the discussion. There is also the IRC channel #vuc on

I am both a supporter on Patreon and run the experimental instance

Hope to hear from a few of you as I don’t feel qualified to do the session on my own, but if I have to, I will.

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