Listserv, or Discourse?

Is there a brief statement of policy on the role of the Mastodon admin listserv versus the role of this forum? Obviously the forum is very new, but it’d be nice to know what kinds of discussion are more appropriate here versus the mailing list.

Right now it feels like I need to watch both—not sure if the listserv is now redundant, or what.

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Discourse can work as a mainling list too. So yeah, the idea is that discord / matrix / mailing list discussions all converge here.

However, by no extent will we try to force people out of the already existing models.

And as a note: when you said Listserv I had no idea what you were talking about. As, I knew we had a mailing list somewhere, but no idea where.

It would be great if a message could go out to that mailing-list regarding this forum however.