Lists of hashtags into a single column


I’d like to create lists of hashtags. The motivation is that if I want to follow 4 different hashtags, that current takes up 4 columns in the UI.

If I could make a list if hashtags, and have them all appear in a single column together, that would go a long way towards making the interface fit on a regular monitor without side scrolling.

An alternative might be a special feed, like “Home”, “Local”, that is “Followed hashtags” in its own column.

Good idea or bad UI design and confusing for users?


A feed of followed hashtags makes the most sense to me. It’d be a quick way to “subscribe” to whatever that hashtag is used for.

I’ve been using hashtags as a means to find people to follow as I’m dipping my toe back into Mast, and was wishing for such a feature.


indeed this is the number one feature missing for me, coming from diaspora, where following hashtags is the main way of getting in touch with the crowd. you don’t have to follow people at all and can still follow and take part in discussions.

it feels much more intuitive to me to follow a bunch of topics like #programming #ruby #javascript… rather than following 100 people who may sometimes talk about those topics. following people brings in a lot of noise, following topics (and multiple at once) makes for a much better curated stream.

so most flexible would be if i could create a column and decided what it should display, which could include both people and hashtags. so i could have e.g. two columns:

  • following friends and family + hashtags like: #sport #culture
  • following some nerds + hashtags like #programming #javascript


ah i found this to be discussed here already: Join several hashtags in a search/column · Issue #6359 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub