List sent message after posted

I’m testing mastodon api.
I didn’t found how to get posted message from user.
I expected to find in notifications but no messages inside.
Is there another way to get messages from user I’m subscribed to ?
Is there somenone to help me ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Jack! thanks for asking about the Mastodon API!

Can you explain a little bit more about the use-case or user story you’re trying to implement? I’m a little bit confused about what you’re trying to ask.

if you’re looking for a way to view a message after posting, you can retrieve it from the endpoint for that status specifically (/status/ID), if you’re looking for a way to retrieve a specific other users messages, you can retrieve them from (/accounts/ID/statuses). if you’re trying to retrieve the entire home timeline for the logged-in user, it has it’s own endpoint (/timelines/home).

does any of that help?

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Thank for help. I will try…