Link previews don't always populate


Has anyone experienced a situation where links pasted in to toots don’t always result in properly formatted link previews? We’re seeing a situation where the link previews don’t populate until users hit “reload” in their browser or, if one of the buttons is pressed in the toot box (favorite, or re-toot) the link preview will all of a sudden show up correctly.

Any ideas how to fix this?


I suppose there is some kind of timeout, and if the preview can’t be generated fast enough, the toot shows up without it. Then the preview will be loaded upon a future interaction with the toot UI.

Or it may be a bug :man_shrugging:

Maybe unrelated but I had encountered a problem not showing icons of remote users properly. It was because our instance was using incorrect version of Paperclip due to mistake in resolving a conflict of Gemfile(.lock) in upgrade. This also had prevented remote-following to work properly.

We had noticed this by comparing our Gemfile and the official one in the correspond version.

I hope this kind of helps.

It is intentional and correct behavior.

Unless measures are taken, a lot of Federated servers request link previews to origin server at the moment when someone post a link pasted toot, like a DDoS.

For avoid it, the Mastodon sets delay to crawling link previews from 1 second to 59 seconds randomly.

This is my understanding.

Is it possible to geht link previews in the timelines too and not only in the toot view?

Yes. If the link preview does not appear immediately, try reloading your browser or react to the link pasted toot, when 1 minute after the posting.

I don’t get link previews at all in any timeline regardless how old the toots are. I want previews for federated toots mainly.

In my server…

Right after posting:

Reload browser 42 seconds after posting:

And toot view:

This is the same behavior anywhere on the home, local, and federation timelines. hmm… :thinking:

A configuration issue at my site ?

I couldn’t find the configuration item that controls the preview card … if I could think of it, it was just CSP header… :thinking: