Liberapay: Open Source supporting open source!

Contributing to open source. It’s a tricky one. Supporting open source with money, via a non open source alternative is also tricky, to some. Which is why we looked into alternatives.
If you have a liberapay account for your server, or just for yourself as a contributor to mastodon, you can join the mastodon community on liberapay (linked below).

If you don’t have one you can make one, and easily connect with your mastodon and GitHub account. Liberapay are also on mastodon themselves.

I think it can be useful to look at alternative revenuestreams other than just relying on patreon, for those users who may prefer one over the other. As for Mastodon,

I am not abandoning Patreon by any means but if you previously had qualms with Patreon as a proprietary platform, Mastodon now has a team on Liberapay: Mastodon's profile - Liberapay

I also have a personal account that some people already pledged to before I signed up, I don’t know how to deal with that, but here you go (it’s linked from the team)


So I switched my donations over to LiberaPay (and upped them a small bit). Now where is the LiberaPay badge option? :slight_smile:

There isn’t one. Sorry

There’s now a LiberaPay badge! If you are a LiberaPay supporter and would like a badge add a comment here or send a message to a Discourse moderator.


Liberapay badge, please :slight_smile:

You already have one :slight_smile:

Wonderful! I switched my Patreon pledges to a Liberapay donation for the whole team. Thank you for giving us the choice :slight_smile:

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Sounds like we may be talking about different types of badges here?

The patreon group has a flare, which overlays on your profile picture. And I have a feeling that’s what @Dixongexpat was actually referring too.
While @chrismartin made an achievement badge for liberapay? :slight_smile:

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I just created a Liberapay group with a flare, I’m sorry about the confusion :slight_smile:.

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