Hello there.

I’m running a new instance which has LDAP_AUTH turned on. It’s not ment to be a “public” instance, as in “open to public”. Everyone can see it, but only users on my LDAP can use it.
Now, I need to filter out some of the users and to do that I’d like to use the LDAP_SEARCH_FILTER variable. The problem is that any filter I place in there, it will always show an error of “Invalid Syntax” when someone tries to login. I know the syntax is correct for ldapsearch (it works there), so if anyone can shed some light I would appreciate it.

Filter I’m using: LDAP_SEARCH_FILTER="(&(%{uid}=%{email})(memberOf=cn=mastodon,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=r3pek,dc=org))"



I’m searching for LDAP_SEARCH_FILTER syntax too but apparently nobody has responded to this post. Could someone please give some hints? :blush:

Thank you.