Landing page redirect to a profile


I’m planning to set up a server for a community and I’m still in the test and explore phase. This project looks awesome! :blush:

I’d like any external visitor to see a news feed. For this I’d like to create a bot account ( which collects info from RSS and boosts toots from some accounts, maybe hashtag based. Looks all pretty doable.

But I did not find where to customize this: When a non-registered user browses my domain, he should not end up on the standard registration page but on the profile page of my news user (

Is there a more elegant way to realize this than using special redirect configurations in my HAProxy or hacking the source code which must be redone after each update? Seems that’s missing in the config options, but maybe this can be done in a config file somewhere?

Second question: Is there a way to customize the footer? From my first look I only found custom CSS abilities …

Sorry for the noob questions, I’m still learning :smirk:

it is not possible by default (of course the code can be modified to do this)

the only situation when the visitor is redirected to a profile is on a single-user instance SINGLE_USER_MODE=true - see Single-user mode · Issue #143 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub

As a quick hack you might want to try to remove && !Rails.configuration.x.single_user_mode from this part of code:

Your bot has to be an account number one.