Just a question

Is it normal getting posts from the federated timeline when my server is not even a part of any relays?

You don’t need to participate in any relay to have remote public posts in the federated timeline.

The federated timeline includes all posts (remote or local) known to your instance that match the following conditions:

  • they have the public visibility
  • they are not from suspended or silenced users
  • they are not replies to another user (self-replies, that is, “threads”, are still displayed)

You don’t need to subscribe to a relay for your instance to discover posts from remote instances, those are some possible reasons:

  • someone on your instance follows a remote user, who then posts a message
  • a remote user specifically mentions someone on your instance
  • someone you follow replies to or boosts a remote post
  • a remote post’s URL is pasted on the search box by a local user
  • a remote account is discovered, and they have pinned posts

yeah but I dont get it no one did any of that just out of the blue a post from someones server showed up. at 3am my time and all of my users was sleeping

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