Join Mastodon Landing-page Feedback Thread

uBock Origin (v.1.13.4) in Firefox 54 is blocking the list in the Instance picker section.

i will make a git issue.

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I really like the new joinmastodon page!

My only concern is that I found it a bit difficult to read due to the low contrast between the background and the non-bolded characters. Where they’re bold it’s easier but where they’re not bold the contrast is pretty low. I have fairly decent eyesight (I have glasses but otherwise good) and I still found it difficult.

This could also be an accessibility issue. I just ran the page through the WAVE tester and it said the contrast problem would fail accessibility AA testing.

I realize this isn’t a legal issue (i.e., I don’t think legally it has to comply), but it is a moral issue in terms of making sure the page is viewable by all!


Don’t we think we should add a link to the #MastoWiki in the header?

Love the new layout. The instance picker is :fire:

Yes, it was on the todo list. Guess it got lost somewhere :smiley:

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This is a feedback for the improved feedback page:

The Elephant friend overlaps the ‘support’ link on my desktop (Ubuntu/Firefox). This is because I have set a minimum font size of 20px (because of a higher resolution and having not perfect eye sight). See image.

I think @Gargron can fix this by removing the elephant friend or making it a lot smaller.

I think @Gargron can fix this by removing the elephant friend

Don’t. Touch. Our. Fluffy. Elephant. Friend. ಠ_ಠ

More seriously, couldn’t we fix this kind of problems by using more relative sizes (em, %…) rather than absolute ones (px…)? I’m sorry if this is a dumb suggestion, I’m in no way a Web developer.

Another method is to make sure the navigation text is on top of the elephant friend. This should be possible with z-index, but somehow this didn’t work when I tried.

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A topic that shouldn’t be missing on the first page of any “social platform” is how to find friends/people (new and old ones). I am hesitant to mention migration from twitter (and the corresponding tool) but this is a real obstacle for new users.

The section “Always within reach” is missing recommendations. A link to the FAQ would already be helpful. documentation/ at master · tootsuite/documentation · GitHub

Actually, I would prefer a section that opens and shows the 3-4 clients with links to the corresponding app strores.

a minor point with the (otherwise good) new instance list - descriptions just say “full” or “new” (rather than “accepting new users”). I know there’s a trend to shorten content everywhere online for mobile devices or maybe folk who have English as a second language (as this appears to be a website aimed at a global community); but this level of abbreviation doesn’t read like “normal” English.

This use of “new” is also potentially confusing and might make people think they are new as in only recently deployed instances; it may even also put people off for fear these could all disappear/go down…