I've got many errors when use docker-compose for development environment

I’ve found this in the read-only document.

" Don’t use Docker to do development . It’s a quick way to get Mastodon running in production, it’s really really inconvenient for development ."

So is it true? and can we have docker to do development in the future?


hi @dat.trinh, is there any documents about use docker-compose for development, and for production?
I am trying to run mastodon in docker, but don’t find any doc yet.

I ran into the same thing. After trouble shooting for a while I found this informative little tid bit in the Mastodon docs (last paragraph).

It should be noted that the Docker configuration distributed with Mastodon is optimized for the production environment, and so is an extremely bad fit for development. The Vagrant configuration, on the other hand, is meant specifically for development and not production use.

I then quit trying to use Docker for my dev environment and things went smoother. I imagine this might not be the answer you were looking for, but hopefully it helps. :slight_smile:

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