Issue: Mastodon does not allow remote follow on ipv6-enabled servers

I was pointed here from the issue I created on github:

TL;DR my instance (although it’s pretty generic in what software it is running) seems unable to accept remote-follow requests I perform on other instances. The other instance just fails with a typical “oops” message. The problem disappears when I disable ipv6.

I’d like to understand what may be misconfigured on it, since it seems to be a problem which people encounter a lot, and which they solve by disabling ipv6, but which is in my opinion more of a way to avoid the problem instead of a way to really solve it.
Can someone provide me with any tests/pointers/snippets/reading materials which I may use to check my ipv6 configuration to understand what’s wrong?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Just sounds like broken v6 connectivity.

First things first, we will need the output of the following commands:

  • ip -6 addr - this will show all IPv6 addresses currently on the server
  • ip -6 route - this will show what IPv6 related routes you have
  • ip -6 neigh - this will show if you are having neighbour discovery issues
  • ip6tables-save - this will show IPv6 related firewall rules if any

I would recommend putting all of these in a pastebin service like

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Thanks @staticsafe, I checked all the commands you provided and everything seemed in order. From what I realized the server configuration seemed fine so I started digging. Finally realized the problem was extremely silly - the AAAA DNS record of the instance lacked a “1” at the end of the ipv6 result. I immediately requested it to be fixed and now everything seems to work fine.
Thanks again for your help at determining the cause, I learned a lot of useful commands to deal with any ipv6 issues in the future. Cheers!

thanks @staticsafe! sorry for pingeonholing you as the communities “designated” ipv6 person, but I knew you’d come through :smiley:

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