Is there any way to make timeline order?

Hello everyone. I am trying to setup a Mastodon server. Please help me with this question.
Now, timeline sorting is default time DESC, is there any way to make it in another order (time ASC for example)?
Thanks very much for your help.

To my knowledge, you can’t do this without modifying the Ruby code, and that will cause problems the next time you want to upgrade.

Can you give an example of a situation where this would be desirable? It might be possible to achieve a similar result in a different way.

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Hi Noelle,
Thanks for your answer. I think same to you.
Example when we need to order by favourites, replies, followers …
Could it be?

This filter is not ordering, it is just filtering out the different feeds which is used to pull in notifications.
Ie, the different notifications have different flags associated to them, follows, favorites, replies and boosts. And thus you can filter it out.

As the home TL pulls in latest messages from the people you follow, it would not necessarily be impossible to order it in a different order, but it would probably not fill the purpose you seem to be looking for (correct me if I am wrong). We do not really track unseen (unread) as email would do, and thus it’d be tricky to give you the oldest messages (which I think is the question here?) in the Timeline.

Ok Maloki, I got it.
But I’m still curious where the order is in source?
Is it in app/models/concerns/paginable.rb, line 8:
"query = order(arel_table[:id].desc).limit(limit)"
I’m just studying.
Thank you.

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