Is there a way to change the profile URL in the browser?

I have users who are sharing their profile with their friends and are copy and pasting their profile URL from the browser{id}

What’s the best way to show in the browser instead?

The thing is /@username is a different view, a sort of public profile page instead of a logged-in users home. This is very similar to how Twitter handles it.

Actually, I think the confusion comes when people click on their @username above Edit profile above the compose form. Maybe that should go to /@username… it’s not much different and either way they’d go back to do any real use.

Yes, it is a different view. And the confusion is exactly due to the one you mentioned… maybe I could try to tweak that link…

Actually, Im thinking maybe just changing the browser link to show /@username even if it showing the logged-in user version would be okay, the problem is that{id} is not shareable as a link

It’s probably best to make an issue out of this but the link is generated in app/javascript/mastodon/features/compose/components/navigation_bar.js

I’m not sure what the identifier is in props to get. If you change it I believe you’ll need to recompile assets.

It is shareable as a link. That route redirects to the /@username route when not signed in.