Is it possible to show replies below the post (threaded view) in timeline?

I’m new to the world of Mastodon, and I like what I see. Thanks for the hard work. Is there a way to show some of the replies directly below the post they reply to in the timeline? It seems a little disorienting, for a new user at least, to see a reply above the post as a new post.

I don’t necessarily need all of the replies shown that way, just enough to see the conversation.

I searched the forum here and found one thread referring to a similar thing here: Is it possible to change your instance COMMENT THREAD setup to look more like Facebook, MeWe than Twitter?

Should I be looking for a fork or alternative front end (per the link above) for this functionality?


Some of the alternative web frontends are exploring this, you might check but I am sure there are more now.

Do you know where I could find an updated list (or master list) of alternative frontends? Thank you for the link and your reply!

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