Is it possible to join in a GNU Social group using a Mastodon account?

I have tried to join in some GNU Social groups, using my Mastodon account, but when I press the button join, after typing the group alias and my mastodon account:


I get this error:

We are sorry, but something went wrong

at the moment of the error, the url bar of the navigator shows this:

maybe this is a problem in the instance where I have my Mastodon account.

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I don’t think Mastodon support OStatus groups in any way yet :/.

Thank you by answering. At least five persons have said to me that Mastodon doesn’t support the GNU Social groups. Someone said to me this is so because the main developer of Mastodon doesn’t want groups in his social network, if this is true, is really sad

I can somehow understand that. Groups are really “heavy”, they track membership etc. It is not very easy to implement and maybe one day we will figure out how to federate hashtags subscriptions - and groups will not be needed. (I understand that !groups are not exactly the same as #hashtags).

But groups are part of OStatus specification right? If so, we should support them.

That is open to interpretation. What the spec says:

Subscribers can subscribe to a feed with multiple authors, such as a group, a search feed,
or a tag feed.

We have tags, of course. The way StatusNet implemented groups is an expression of this functionality, but it comes with technical debt, so Mastodon may want a different way to express it.

I personally do not miss group functionality, so I would prioritize other features, especially to let the fediverse develop stronger opinions about groups, and how they will interact with other OStatus projects. :slight_smile:

This pretty much sums it up, we are looking at other ways of making a decent implementation of groups, but it does look like lists may be first in line to get developed. I can not offer a timeline for this right now.

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