Is it possible to change your instance COMMENT THREAD setup to look more like Facebook, MeWe than Twitter?

I’ve been researching alternatives to Facebook because I’m abandoning that platform. My research lead me to MeWe, and Mastodon being the #2 and #1 alternatives. I was considering in dabbling in Mastadon and creating my own social network with it. As opposed to just joining MeWe. But I enjoy the FB and MeWe layout more than Twitter. In that I mean, the way posts “look” on your screen, and how you can reply to them. And how you do NOT have to go to an entirely different page, just to look at replies in a thread the way twitter makes you, as you scroll down your newsfeed.

More like:

In looking into Mastadon I read there are ways to customize your instance and even layout? Does anyone know if it’s possible to have that more MeWe/Facebook type comment thread layout, instead of Twitter like? If so how do you do it?

I figure being able to have posts and all replies on one page could help me facilitate getting friends who prefer FB’s comment thread layout, to join my own instance


You can try to customize the UI but also you can start looking into alternative frontends and see how they were built.