Introducing "Mastodon – Simplified Federation"

Hey, I’ve made a “simple” add-on that redirects these kind of “annoying” popups automatically:

So you do not need to enter your Mastodon handle every time you want to access

Here you can see it in practice:

Getting started

It’s actually easy:

  1. Install the add-on.
  2. Go to the settings page and enter your Mastodon ID as you would have in the popup…
  3. You’re done! Try it out on any page…

This add-on was experimental for some time, but now v1.0 is released! :tada:

Try it out!

Get it for Firefox!


The source code is available on GitHub and I’d appreciate any feedback you might have:

BTW, if you want to re-toot, here is me announcing it:

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I could not include another image (screencast) in the first post, as I am still considered a “new user”, but here you do:

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