Instance Admins [Reply to Join]


Just set up, and admin, a new instance at


Hello there,

I’ve started up my Mastodon Instance today at hopefully I could join the admins group.


Can I join ?
I’m an admin of ~


It says it’s Cis NBitch :slight_smile:


I’m the new sysadmin ^^
Here is my profile


Great! Thank you and keep on tootin’~


Hi there
I’m the instance admin of



I’m admin of and I’d find it very useful to be in the Instance Admin user group!



Hi, I’m the admin of Please add me to the group.


I’ve just recently set up mastodon at

Everyone is welcome, Would like to join the group :slight_smile:


I’m administrator of
Add me plz


Hi @kjwon15 can you link to your profile there that says your are an admin there?


Like this?


Perfect, thank you, you have been added!


Hello, i wish to access this Group, im the Admin of :slight_smile:


I run my own single user instance at my domain ( and would like to address the discussion with questions. Thanks.


Hello, i am the admin from .
Can you add me?


I would also have an invite to this group :slight_smile: here


Greetings from the instance, where I’m the admin. :wave:


Admin of here
and in case you don’t believe me: There’s this picture