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Hi there, is my instance


hi there i’m one of the admins of, a very recent instance. Please add me. Thanks


Just join the community. is just on-line.


Hey, I admin



Hello! I’m the admin of

Thanks in advance!


Hello, I run - please add me :slight_smile:



I just started

Please add. Thanks.


Cool idea for an instance topic! Welcome to Mastodon! I look forward to following your users :smiley:


If you know any board gamers, let 'em know! :smiley:


Hello there! Admin of a new instance here.


Admin of reporting in. Any chance I can get added?


Hi @pimbliek you might want to update your settings to show up on - Mastodon in case people want to reach out to you!


Hi @photog_social you have been added already some time ago :slight_smile:


What do you mean more specifically @saper ?


You might want to go to and add your contact information.

More information can be found on documentation/ at master · tootsuite/documentation · GitHub

This is by no means mandatory, it just may make things easier.

(edit: just noticed, you have an email address there already, thanks!)


Hello everyone, I’m Shad, and admin of :slight_smile: nice to meet you !


I hope to be added if not already


Count me in,


Hey, which instance do you admin?


Hi, I admin :slight_smile: