Instance Admins [Reply to Join]



I’m a bit late to this party, huh? I run the single-user instance :slight_smile:


Hi, single-user instance admin


Hi, I’m the admin of and


I would like to join the group too.
I am running the new Mastodon instance


Hi, I’m instance admin( please add me



I’m admin of Maston Racing instance.

Can you add me to the group, please?

Thank you.


Hi! Admin of and I’d also like to join :slight_smile:


Hi noelle, I’m the admin of a new instance named for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other grappling discussions.


Toot toot! Admin of here :smiley:


please add me to the user group for instance admins, thank you!
i administer


#116 :slight_smile:


I maintain


I’m running an instance here:


Dang there’s a lot of instances popping up.

I run for myself and a slowly-growing number of people; please add me to the instance admins group. Thanks!

#120 checking in, just decided to promote the instance from “I’m testing stuff” to “yeah OK this is a thing we provide now”.


hello! can i join the fun? (its a private instance but im having trouble making it private so i dont want to give the url out)


Hello. Working on building a private instance. Please add me to the admin group. Thanks!


Hi. Add me please, I run


I’m the admin for, so please add me to the admin group, tia



Admin of Invite only at the moment.