Instance Admins [Reply to Join]


Hi! I’m an admin of I want to join Instance Admins group!


Hello. I am the administrator of Grimoire( Please add!


Hi! is my personal instance~


Hi, admin of here. Please add.


I run, which is a personal instance with some special modifications. She’ll make point-five past lightspeed.

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Hello, running Please add me. Thanks.


Hi, I’m running Please add me too.


Hi from <3


Oi, hosting


Hi there - admin of


Hello there, please add me.


That’s so weird, I’m sure I saw your member request pop up. And I’m sure I accepted it.

Fixed now.


Hey Maloki, many thanks!


Hey, I’m late but I’m definitely here. Could you please add me? I run the anticapitalist :tada: Thanks!

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Admin at


Admin over at Also maintain Nanobox support in the official repo.


Please add me! :smiley:


hi im an instance admin