Instance Admins [Reply to Join]


I run and would love to be in this group if at all possible. Thank you :blush:


Please add me. I am admin of


I’m admin over at - thanks!



I’m the owner of, can you add me please ?



would love to join (admin of


I’m the admin of (aka, would love to join. And thank you for all this!


Admin of 3 instances:

Happy to join the admin group…


Hey ! here :dolls::balloon:
Arigato ~ !


I run, and I’d like to join the admins group. Thanks!


Hi all! I’m the admin of, and would love to be a part of the admins group!


Ohai! co-admin of here. :slight_smile:


Hey, admin here :grin:


Greetings! admin here & Mastodon patreon supporter glocal.


ohey, here :cat2:


I’m the admin of, and I’d like to join this group. Thanks! <3


I’m admin of, please add me :bow:


Hello, I’m the admin of :slight_smile:


Greetings, new to Mastodon, but excited about it. Have stood up my first instance (or trying to) - and would love to join the discussion.


Hello! I am the administrator of and


Please add me to this group. I run a personal instance, Thanks!