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Would appreciate being added. I run Thanks!

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Thanks for adding me. For reference I admin

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Hey! :slight_smile:
Please add me too, I’m running


yo, i run, hit me up with the admin thingy


Done. You’re all jacked in.


Hello! I’m gonna be running once I get a place to host it.


Hullough, I’m co-admin. Please do the thing with the thing for me too. :slight_smile:


Hi! As the admin of could you add me to the group? Thanks!


Can you add me please ? I’m the admin of :D.



Can you please grant me access ?


Admin of


I’m yair’s co-admin at and I wants in :smile:


me toooooooooooooooo. (over at


HI everybody, I’m the admin of a very small instance :

My profile → Franck ✓ Ⓜ️ - Café des blogueurs

Glad to discover a new channel to discuss about admin topics and issues.


I’m running a personal instance for myself and close family members at


Hey !
I’m Mr Nobody, aka Hexalyse, admin of


Hi, i’m running my personal instance,



Lee here, running


Hi, I’m running (don’t ask), and (it’s empty, there’s no users and no signups… don’t ask.)