Instance Admins [Reply to Join]


I’m @thalon there…


Hi, I run, @jtn on the site, please add me!


@saper I’m


I am the admin of Thanks for adding.


I run a single-user instance at Thanks


I’m the admin of Thanks


Hello, I’m the admin of :slight_smile:


Add me please :slight_smile: Admin @


Hi, I’m admin of my single-user instance at


Hi there !

I’d like to join if it’s still possible :slight_smile:
I’m the admin of
Registration is not open for now, but might be next year.



I will run an instance under under as soon as i know how ldap search filter works. So please add me. :heart:

PS: There already is a instance here, but it’s a testing instance with no user and no ldap auth yet :yum:


Administrator of



Hello, could you please add me as well.
I can PM you my instance URL.



Hello, I run


Sure, go ahead. You can PM me if you like.


I love the name by the way :slight_smile:


Can I join I run


I’m running


Hello, I’m running


Hi, please add me to the instance admins group, I help admin the cooperative instance at