Instance Admins [Reply to Join]


Hi, I run a 8 month old instance:
I’m the administrator, @noriko
proof: Ellesmere: “proof for discourse” - Piscolabis


Please add me too. My instance is:



I’m admin for

I’m more familiar with LAMP than anything I’m doing here. Thank you in advance!


Hi! Admin of here.


Admin of here.

#193 admin :slight_smile:

I’m documenting my adventure in Mastodon here


Admin of here.


Hello @radiofreekruzr can you point me to your profile there ?..


I’d like to be added. I’ve accidentally sent through the specifics in a group DM to the group admins so I’ll kindly ask them to consult the DM for my proof




Hi! I’m instance admin of Looking forward to learning lots!


Hi all, I’m in my first weekend of noodling about with Mastodon, I’m running via Mastohost - looking forward to learning more!


Hello, I’m the instance admin of


hello! from!


Add me, please. Admin of


Hi, I’m the admin of and would like to join.


I’m admin of my own instance :
Can you add me ?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m the admin of Please add me. :slight_smile:


Hej, I’m running - thanks for adding :slight_smile:


Hi, which profile there is yours?